Employees can view their payslip for a particular month on the 'Payslip' screen.

Once the HR administrator processes and approves the  payslip for a particular month, then the employee can view the payslip.

  • Click 'Payslip' from 'My Info and Actions'



  • On clicking 'Payslip', the payslip screen is displayed.


  • Select Pay Period from the drop down list. This refers to the month for which the payslip is being viewed.

       The drop-down list shows the list of months for which the payroll has been processed and 


  • Click ‘GO’ button. 


On clicking ‘GO’ button, payslip will be displayed for the selected month.


Salary Heads are defined by HR administrator and assigned as ‘Earnings’ and ‘Deductions’ to the employee in ‘Employees’ screen.

  • Payslip can be exported in PDF format by clicking  icon.